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About The Mama Mosman Blog

Food. Family. Music. Minds.

The Mama Mosman is a blog created by master meal crafter and business owner Dana Mosman. For Dana, food is much more than just basic sustenance- it's art, it's communion, it's medicine. That's why meal crafting has brought her so much joy. As an art, food preparation is the purest medium for self expression. As communion, food is the necessary essence of 'community'. As medicine, the right food choices can help heal even the most adverse afflictions.  


Dana's creative culinary style and her passion for learning about people will provide readers not only with recipes inspired by Dana's improvisational technique, but also insight into the gumbo of personalities that make a community. The Mama Mosman blog satiates curiousity about people, their culture, and community and finds beauty and inspiration through the common denominator that binds us all- FOOD!

About Dana Mosman

From rebuilding and drag racing her 1969 Mustang to acting, modeling and teaching, Dana Mosman has led a life full of laughter, thrills, and magnificent memories. Today, Dana is a culinary artist, horticulturalist, community activist, and advocate. She teaches cultural and culinary classes at Meridian Technology Votech and at private events. Together, Dana and her husband Joel own and manage an event entertainment company called Wheelhouse Productions.


Dana earned her bachelor's degree in Business from the University of Central Oklahoma despite a series of difficult health experiences that kept her in and out of the hospital for many years. It was discovered that Dana had a skeletal defect that caused her heart to be compressed to 1.5 cm thick. She was one of the first and last adults to undergo Nuss pectus excavatum repair surgery.  The surgery was experimental at the time and shortly after her surgery it was deemed too painful for adult patients as the bones are too rigid. It was also during this time that she began having intense migraines and a vascular tumor was discovered. Again, Dana found herself on the operating table, facing fearful circumstances, and yet again delayed from having completed college with her friends and sisters in the Alpha Xi Delta sorority.

Despite all of the adversity, Dana was finally able to make a full recovery after a decade of set backs and receive her degree. Throughout her early career, she began working in the entertainment industry as a model, stylist, and fashion writer and quickly expanded into the music industry as a promoter, manager, and talent agent. 

In 2005 she met her future husband and performing musician Joel Mosman through a mutual friend who managed a modeling agency. They worked together on several concerts and projects as colleagues until 2009 when their professional meetings gave way to romance. Joel and Dana married in 2011 and settled down in historic Guthrie, Oklahoma where they have since started a family. 

As husband and wife, their mutual passion for music, art, and culture has expanded into the event entertainment company Wheelhouse Productions. Wheelhouse works with a large network of musicians, DJs, and AV professionals to provide entertainment experiences for weddings, parties, and corporate events. 

Dana's passion is cultural arts, but her heart is drawn to community service. Throughout her professional career she has maintained her calling as a "Jesus Follower" and as such has committed time, money, and resources to her friends, family, and neighbors in need. She has been an advocate for cancer patients, and survivors of domestic abuse. She has worked as an organizer for dozens of fundraisers for school children, unhoused, poverty stricken families, immigrants and people within America's marginalized minorities. 

Currently, Dana serves as the Vice President of The Arts in Guthrie and as an organizer for the Guthrie Collaborative/Elbow Heritage Project. She is also the Community Outreach Coordinator at Guthrie Free Methodist Church which allows her to serve her community in unique and remarkable ways.

As a culinary artist, Dana specialties include food as a healing agent, home horticulture, special diets, and multi-ethnic cuisines. Her cooking style is both improvisational and result-oriented producing masterpiece meals that anyone can pull off.

In 2023, Dana started the lifestyle blog "Mama Mosman" where she explores the beauty and profundity of community and culture by the avenue of humanity's common denominator- Food. 

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