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About The Mama Mosman Blog

"Ever fresh the broad creation,

A divine improvisation,

From the heart of God proceeds,

A single will, a million deeds."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mama Mosman is a blog created by master meal crafter and business owner Dana Mosman. For Dana, food is much more than just basic sustenance- it's art, it's communion, it's medicine. That's why meal crafting has brought her so much joy. As an art, food preparation is the purest medium for self expression. As communion, food is the necessary essence of 'community'. As medicine, the right food choices can help heal even the most adverse afflictions.  


Dana's creative culinary style and her passion for learning about people will provide readers not only with recipes inspired by Dana's improvisational technique, but also insight into the gumbo of personalities that make a community. The Mama Mosman blog satiates curiosity about people, their culture, and community and finds beauty and inspiration through the common denominator that binds us all- FOOD!

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Welcome to the Mama Mosman YouTube Channel

Welcome to the Mama Mosman YouTube Channel

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